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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ a horrific crash leaves two children dead in the east bay. now new tonight, two major developments. the d.a. has filed charges against the suspected dui driver and the mother of the boys is now responding. >> there will be justice for my babies because the justice system is going to work. >> i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. five-year-old vincent reyes and lore enls owe reyes were killed in the crash. >> katie utehs live at children's hospital where a surviving three month old boy is being treated. katie. >> reporter: eric, the mother says she is grateful for the charges. i want to warn you that her interview tonight is emotionally raw as spent the day at the funeral home planning services for her two sons. >> i'm so thankful to everyone. >> reporter: surrounded by
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family, aida reyes thanked investigators who levied two murder charges, leaving the scene of a crime and multiple dui counts against the man accused of killer her sons last friday. witnesses reported seeing lemuel wilson run away from this crash scene on highway 4 and arnold industrial way in concord. >> seems to have a bit of a broken system due to the fact this person had multiple duis and was able to get week. >> he was out following terrorist threats. police say he threatened employees at the stoneridge mall. they found credit card making equipment in his car and a bullet in his car. the arrest was made on his birthday, the 24th on june. >> he bailed out on thursday from being arrested on his birthday, and then he -- and then on friday he -- on friday he murdered my babies. >> reporter: the charges can only bring so much comfort to a family planning funerals for
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10-year-old lore enls owe and five-year-old vincent. >> today she had to take caskets for her kids. >> when conviction time comes there will be justice for my children. >> reporter: reyes says her three month old remains in critical condition but expect to be okay. attempts to reach his attorney, his family declined to comment. >> this 4th of july was a busy one for chp. they released numbers reporting at least 47 people died in collisions in california through the independence holiday enforcement period. officers made 1244 dui arrests, 193 in the chp golden gate division that covers the nine bay area counties. in the east bay a newark teenager severely damage willed his hand last night as he was wrapping up an illegal fireworks show with his friends. video from a neighbor shows the teen also suffered burns to his
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body. newark police came back on firework enforcement patrol. the 18 year old told them he was setting off legal fireworks. neighbors were shocked by the explosion. >> they think it is an exciting night and let's do what we can do and make the loudest noises we can make. >> the victim is expected to survive. police say he will live the rest of his life with disfiguring injuries. >> you probably heard them in your neighborhood, the illegal fireworks. tonight alameda county officers admit they've seen an increase this year. the shows went on despite best efforts by deputies and oakland police. they received at least 125 fireworks calls but police say they didn't issue any citations. officers have to actually see someone light fireworks. neighbors wish more could be done. >> you can't really know if it is a gunshot or the fire crackers. that's how people, you know, end up getting killed, innocent
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people, innocent kids. >> illegal fireworks are suspected of sparking two fires in oakland including a garage fire on 52nd avenue where fireworks debris remained today. the city of oakland has a phone number, it is there on your screen, where people can request a crew to come out and clean up any fireworks debris. new at 11:00, san francisco's police commission made it clear it backs the city's controversial sanctuary city law. despite the show of support, some advocates are not happy. cornell is live at city hall. >> reporter: sanctuary city protections for undocumented are stronger tonight, but advocates want more transparency in the policy. >> we're not in the business of doing immigration enforcement. >> reporter: that's the message police chief william scott told the san francisco police commission, which voted unanimously to revise its immigration policy to match the sanctuary city law supervisors amended last year which does not allow police to ask about an individual's immigration status.
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one policy revision reads, "members shall not cooperate are or assist ice and custom border in any investigation, detention or arrest where the purpose is enforcing federal immigration laws." >> these are times of heightened fear. a lot of the community is feeling very panicked. >> reporter: revisions come after the tragic case of kate steinle who died after being struck by a bullet fired by an undocumented mexican citizen who illegally re-entered the u.s. and the case of pedro figaro owe who could be paid by the city after san francisco police notified federal authorities when he tried to recover his stolen car at a police station. he was nearly deported. figueroa's attorneys want more transparency in the policy which can allow police to collaborate with ice in rare cases. >> there are emergency situations in which sfpd can get involved with ice and custom border, and we need to clarify
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under what circumstances it takes place. >> our policy is clear. if it evolves into immigration type enforcement, our policy is clear. we stop it right there. >> reporter: the commission agreed to form a working group to make changes to the policy if needed. in san francisco, cornell bernard, "abc 7 news.." cellphone video shows people evacuated from terminal one at sfo today. a police dog detected something suspicious about an abandoned suitcase. turned out a passenger late for a flight left the luggage behind bought he didn't have time to check it in. police defrmd it posed no railways. sky 7 was above the golden gate bridge this afternoon after a crash involving a charter bus sent 11 people to the hospital. chp says the bus crashed into two vehicles stopped in the slow lane near the toll plaza following an earlier crash. the bus was returning to san francisco from graton casino. two southbound lanes were blocked for about an hour. three weeks after a deadly shooting at an u.p.s. facility
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in san francisco, only 15 much the 50 or so workers are back on the job. a union official representing the worker says they're still fearful about returning. three ups drivers were killed and two others wounded during the june 14th shooting police. the gunman, 38 year old jimmie lamb, killed himself when confronted by responding officers. friends of a man facing 36 counts of involuntary man slates gathered to support him. "abc 7 news" was in oakland where a group asked maxed harris be released from jam. he faces charges for the fire at the ghost ship warehouse that claimed 36 lives. his attorney says he continues to struggle with the loss. >> he was present with that and he always will live with the night and it has been traumatizing for him. >> the fire broke out at a party that prosecutors say harris organized. he along with co-defendant are expected back in court friday. new tonight, a setback for house majority whip steve scalise who is recovering from a gunshot wound.
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the louisiana congressman has been readmitted to a washington hospital's intensive care unit due to a possible infection. scalise was critically wounded when a gunman opened fire on a republican baseball practice on june 14th. police killed the gunman. also new tonight, arts and craft chain hobby lobby has agreed to return thousands of ancient artifacts it illegally smuggled into the u.s. this comes after the company agreed to pay a three million dollar fine to the federal government. the justice department accused hobby lobby of smuggling the artifacts from iraq. in a statement hobby lobby said it has been acquiring historical bibles and other artifacts and should have been more careful. new at 11:00, another p.r. controversy for united airline also. the mother who says she was forced to give up her son's seat and hold him during an entire flight. >> volvo is saying goodbye to gas. with does it mean for people who just shelled out thousands for non-electric cars? mad bum knows the way to san jose. the sold-out crowd cheering on the giants' star in the south bay.
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>> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. heading into the morning commute you will have to deal with heavy
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new at 11:00, united airlines has issued an apology to a passenger who was forced to give up the seat she bought for her two-year-old son. shirley and her son were flying from houston to boston last week. she paid nearly $1,000 for her son's ticket, but she says another male passenger came up and said he was assigned to her son's seat. not wanting to cause a scene, she held her son in her lap for the entire flight. >> i had him in all of these con sorted sleeping positions. in the very end, sadly, he was standing up between my knees. >> a spokesperson from united
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airline sent a statement saying in part, "we inaccurately scanned the boarding pass of ms. yamauchi's son. as a result, her son's seat appeared to be not checked." we deeply apologize to her and her son for this experience." >> we have new details tonight on claims by the history channel that amelia been captured by the japanese military. a new document suggests she may have not have crashed as she attempted to be the first woman to crash. rather, it says this photo in the national archives shows she sended up on the japanese-held marshall islands. >> from an aviation survivable standpoint chances are nil. >> of this being? >> of this being accurate. >> the international group for historic aircraft recovery says they've had the same recover for a year. they say the person with the back to her camera there can't be her because her hair is too
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long. nor do there appear to be japanese in the photo. >> in two years you no longer will be able to buy a new volvo that runs solely on car. volvo announced today every car it releases in 2019 will be either hybrid or battery powered. "abc 7 news" was in san lee and row where the manager says people with gas-powered volvos shouldn't worry once the switch is made. >> we will continue to service the gas engine cars for years and years to come. i mean we're still servicing volvos that are 30, 40 years old as well. so that won't go away any time quickly. >> volvo says the change is in response to customer demand. new tonight, a sold-out crowd kmeered on a giants' star but it was not at at&t park. >> no, madison bumgarner took the field for the san jose giants as he continues his rehab from a dirt bike accident. leslie joins us live from san jose. >> reporter: long night down here. a dirt bike accident back in
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april is what sidelined bumgarner. tonight he experimented you could say with 76 pitches. the score for him in the end was 51 strikes, 25 -- 21 balls as he played ball for the thrilled crowd down here. $10 tickets and an all-star pitcher, baseball magic in san jose with bumgarner on the mound. >> bought all three of my kids. we came down at noon to buy tickets. >> he was famous and stuff and everybody knows him. it was a big deal. >> he's injured and like usually he's at the big field. >> he just has good fundamentals and is a really good baseball player. >> reporter: a sold-out crowd of 4300 watched bumgarner try out his arm as he roofecovers from sprained shoulder and bruised ribs. >> i would rather not be here but i'm happy to come through as part of my rehab.
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>> reporter: bumgarner was all business, no autographs before the game and he was wildly cheered for by fans who called it like they saw it after bumgarner gave up eight runs in top of the fourth. >> it seems he is a little out of his element, he doesn't like being here, but i can tell he is doing well. no matter what, he is working on his pitches and motions. i think he is doing fine. he will get through it and figure it out and hopefully be better in the end. >> i have to make sure that i can throw certain pitches and feel confident with it. >> reporter: he will be pitching here again next monday and after the all star break is expected to be back up in san francisco. i'm leslie brinkley, "abc 7 news." okay. the outing was a little rough but you couldn't argue with the weather. >> that's true. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> yes, erik and ama, weather was fantastic today. most people on social media said they enjoyed it. i will show you a time lapse. notice the fog rolling in from the coastline earlier this evening. that marine layer was about
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1,000 feet deep earlier tonight. not the case tonight. it has compressed. it is less than 1,000 feet and what this means for you is that fog is going to be right down on the deck. you will have to look out during the morning commute. now, here is a look at your planner tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the 50s. there will be fog around. it will be dense around noon time, still some patchy fog, but inland areas will be seeing the sun. for the afternoon it is warming up across the bay area. low 60s to the mid 90s. so a little bit warmer than where we were today. as you check out right now a live picture from our south beach camera you will notice there is definitely some fog in that picture, and it could be pretty much down on the deck for the morning commute. so do look out. live doppler 7 showing you that fog hugging the coastline right now. what we expect around this time of year. those temperatures are primarily in the 50s and 60s. places like concord, brentwood, los gatos, you're actually pretty warm in the 70s. from our "abc 7 news"
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exploratorium camera at peier 1 you see gray skies over san francisco. areas of dense fog for the morning commute. warmer pattern begins tomorrow. we are looking at mild conditions at the coast through the weekend. if you don't like the hot weather, don't worry, we have a place for you to go. morning commute planner, if you are driving watch out for foggy areas. good if you are taking ferry ride but expect murky conditions. if you are walking it will be a cool start tomorrow morning. how cool? most of you will be in the 50s tomorrow, 60s though around antioch. notice the fog is pretty much confined to the coast, a little over the bay, but because it is so shallow it can't get over the east bay hills. we're not expecting progress in terms of movement. highs for south bay tomorrow afternoon, 92 in morgan hill, 84 in san jose and south bay. on the peninsula 80 in mountain view, up to 63 in half moon day. a little fog lingering in daly city. 66 downtown san francisco. in the north bay temperatures in the 80s and calistoga, santa
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rosa but 90s above that area. in the east bay, 74 in oakland. nice and mild, 79 in fremont. head inland and the temperatures will be in the low to mid 90s there. 94 in antioch, 93 in fairfield, 92 in concord. yes, it will be getting warm, but not as warm as you will see% on friday. upper 90s to low 100s inland on friday. saturday temperatures drop a few degrees but still warm to hot. on sunday temperatures coming back up again by a couple of degrees. you can download the accuweather app. keep track of the temperature changes and we will be seeing those, the accuweather seven day morning fog giving way to warmer afternoon, low 60s to mid 90, triple digit heat inland friday. temperatures in 60s to 90s for weekend. typical microclimates in the bay area. tuesday dropping to the 80s. ama and air issue. >> thank you, sandhya. it
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at&t park turned into a field of dreams today. dozens of hopef their stuff to become a ball dude or dudette. the tryouts are sponsored by the junior giants organization. winners get to field foul balls to be handed out to kids at the enof the season. when it was over, they were announced at winners. they will be catching fouls at a future date. congratulations to all who tried out. >> a lot of fun. >> why didn't you try out? >> i was too young. >> ah, that's it. >> ain't too young for much, but maybe for that one. >> thanks for setting it up. >> no problem. >> worked as good as in rehearsal. bob meyers continues to shore up his roster. today agreeing with a one year deal with former laker nick young. the 32 y
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> well, when you have a couple of these larry o'brien trophies luring talent is easy. the warriors continue to shore up their roster for next season, today agreeing with former laker nick young on a one-year deal. the 32 year old had an option this year world 5.6 million, but wanted to go to a contender. averaged 13 points, two rebounds, one assist in 60 games with lakers last year. in 6-7 he can play guard or forward but they need depth and swaggy p, as young is known as, gives them just that. a's played a complete game
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against the white sox today. sonny gray on the hill and programs his last start as an oakland a. his name is floating around everywhere in trade talk goes. lonzo, got his american league jersey before the game. sonny gray pitching with his future in oakland in question, looked pretty good. strikes out adaming will. gray had five k's today. 1-0 in the fourth. jacob brugman connects for second home run. up 2-0. haug day on the base pass. he stole back-to-back bases in fourth inning, four total in the game. and he gets to cross the plate for his efforts when jed lowery drives him home with a single and the a's go on to win 7-4 back-to-back wins over the white sox. giants in detroit, good way to lose playing time. huhry catches a foul ball. ends up tossing ball to a fan. 1 hall of fame 0, third.
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laces a single to center. gorkys hernandez scores. top four, brandon belt, signal of his own, past a diving ian kensler. the rally continued. hunter pence gets all of that one. right field gap. tomlinson and belt will score. giants were up 5-0. pence ends up with a triple. tigers rally for four runs in the seventh, but sam dyson closed out for one run win. they go on to win 5-4 your final. you saw earlier in the newscast madison bumgarner after a dirt bike accident in late april, on off day, close to return to the line-up. pitched tonight in san jose, rehab start. wasn't pretty, he got rocked early and often. gave up four home runs, nine earned runs in his start. this is madison getting his work in and arm back in shape. >> ultimately i feel pretty good about it. obviously it was kind of a lopsided outing, but for -- for what i'm looking for i feel
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good. we got the pitch count and that's ultimately all that we're looking for. so hopefully we can bounceback and go from this and good to go. >> and abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. stat line was bad but through 57 pitches, 21 strikes. one more start and should be back with the giants. >> "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, on facebook and all mobile dev
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thanks for watching. i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya and all of us,
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thanks for joining hi. i'm mick david from portillo's in chicago. tonight on "jimmy" we have casey affleck, allison tolman and stand-up comedian chris charpentier. after ten years we bring back our famous portillo's lemon cake. come on down and get a slice right after we start the show! >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "downward dog," allison tolman. and comedian chris charpentier. and now, for the time being, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. that's very nice. hi. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.


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